Slim-Fit Radiator Systems

Slim-Fit Radiator Systems are only FOUR INCHES THICK. That includes the radiator, shroud and electric fan combined! This amazing engineering feat was accomplished by inventing and integrating a patented 3rd tank directly into the radiator core. The fan motor is then mounted into the special 3rd tank to eliminate all the extra hang-off from traditionally mounted fan. 

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  • Patented Innovations (U.S. Patents 9,212,598, D743,517, and others pending)
  • Thinnest Radiator/Shroud/Fan Combination in its Class. Under 4" in critical areas.
  • Tig Welded Aluminum Construction with Clean Natural Finish
  • Lighter and More Efficient than Conventional OE Radiator Combinations
  • Hybrid Dual 1-in. Tubes & Core-wide Extruded Tube Core
  • Single-Pass Flow Design
  • 100% Fabricated Aluminum Tanks Compatible with All Coolants
  • Direct-Fit, LS Conversion, V8 Conversion, and Universal Models Available
  • OE Inlet/Outlet Size and Location for Easy Installation
  • Billet Aluminum Filler Neck with High-Capacity, Anti-Corrosion Overflow Tube
  • 5-Plate Coolers (Automatic Transmission Applications Only)

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PROFORM has completely rethought how the radiator, fan, thermostat, and shroud can come together seamlessly to create a unified radiator system that is under 5-in. thick, looks and works great, and is pre-assembled



With revolutionary engineering we flipped the motor around so instead of hanging on the outside, it’s integrated directly into a uniquely designed core made with state-of-the-art brazing technology (with no meaningful cooling compromise). Combined with a high-performance fan blade inserted into a smooth aluminum shroud, the result is the industry’s narrowest, most streamlined look. Every PROFORM® Slim-Fit Integrated Radiator includes a shroud, electric fan with adjustable thermostat, wiring harness, and radiator cap.