Radiator Systems, Components, & Accessories

Innovation is what PROFORM does, and now turning to the radiator segment we have brought that innovation to a hot bed of exciting new products.  Years of development led to two engineering and design breakthroughs: The Slim-Fit Core Design (US Pat. 9,212,598) and the Four-Corner Design (US Pat. D891,327 S). The former, the cog that led to the development of our signature line Slim-Fit Radiator Systems. The latter, a sleek design that looks great and allows for seamless integration of the radiator components into a unified system.

Slim-Fit Radiator Systems Slim-Fit Radiator Systems

Radiator, shroud and electric fan is a combined FOUR INCHES THICK System!

1-2-3 Series Modular Radiator Components 1-2-3 Series Modular Radiator Components

Modular a-la carte Components of the 1-2-3 Series Radiator Systems