PROFORM Parts New Products

PROFORM Parts New Products


Lighting-Bolt 100 Amp
Mini Alternator
It took a technological breakthrough to develop an alternator that is nearly 40% lighter than a full-size 10SI that kicks out as many amps!

Super Street Roller Rockers
perfect for serious street performers and weekend-warrior racers alike! Built to accommodate high-performance valve springs, up to 750 lbs. for Gen III LS or 500 lbs,, Gen IV LS2/LS4 and 

Super-Street Chrysler Roller Rockers
1.6 ratio shaft-mount systems have been added to the Super-Street Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge offerings.

Tundra Series Oil & Trans.
Remote Mount Cooler

Equipped 7-inch fan pulls a stout 285 CFM of air, enough required for remote mounting, even underneath the vehicle!  

Race Series Carburetors
The Race Series EXPANDS to now offer carbs for four new applications:
Circle Track, Alcohol & E85, Supercharger 2x4 Draw-Thru (2x4), and Annular Booster Carburetors!


Tundra Series Universal Oil Coolers
Keep oil temperatures where they need to be for peak performance! The stacked plate and fin
design is up to 29.387% more efficient than tube and fin!  

1-2-3 Series Radiators
Amazing cooling solutions that solve space issues or that are completely assembled right out of the box at a great price.

Black Crinkle Alternators
Ford modified 10SI case, and Chevy CS130 alternators now available in Signature Black Crinkle.

Here’s the Skinny: Radiator + Shroud + Electric Fan
= Just 4-Inches Thick Click Here.


Oil Pump Priming Tools
Slick patent-pending tool that makes a time consuming job for aftermarket setups easy and quick.