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Two New Tools for Ford V8 EnginesThursday, April 13, 2017

PROFORM’s Ford Engine Oil Pump Primers, prime the oil pump directly through the distributor hole using a 3/8-inch chuck drill. Don’t run the risk of not priming your engine, which can cause it to not pick up oil, and even destroy it in mere seconds! By priming until the engine has oil throughout, you can safely ensure all engine surfaces are lubed and ready for work, and protected from wearing prematurely. This is a must have product for all engine builders.

PN 67566 is for use with Ford 260 & 302 V8 Engines, and has a 1/4-inch hex. Part Number 67567 is for use with 351W and 400-460 Ford V8 Engines, and has a 5/16-inch hex. Each comes equipped with an aluminum guide.