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PROFORM's Digital Variable Speed Dual Engine Cooling Fan Control Module - 69596Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Traditional fan controllers turn the fan on when the engine is getting too hot and turn off after expending a lot of energy cooling it. This leads to continuous amperage spikes, excessive fan wear, and plenty of undesired fan noise.

PROFORM's Variable Speed Controller monitors engine temperature and keeps it consistent by running the engine's single or dual fans at the optimum RPM needed to maintain the temperature.

As engine temperature approaches the pre-set temperature, the controller gradually starts the fan, based on a temperature signal from the radiator with either the included push-in, or thread-in brass probes. The fan controller processes this signal and runs the fan(s) at the correct speed needed to maintain the desired temperature. The weather resistant billet aluminum housing with bright digital display ensures easy setting by simply pushing + or - to set the temperature. By pressing the Mode button, the digital display will show temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, as well as showing the total system amp draw.


  • Sending Units: Radiator Push-in Probe and Thread-in Probe (Both Included) 
  • Fan Control Quantity: Single/Dual Fan Configurations
  • Digital Relay Included: Yes 
  • Wiring Harness Included: Yes 

69596: Digital Variable Speed Fan Controller