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PROFORMĀ® Adds Two New Starters to Line-UpWednesday, March 8, 2017

PROFORM Staggered Mount Starters for Chevrolet V8 engines offer faster engine turnover time, more clearance from the block, and optimized gear-reduction design. These starters feature a 1.4 KW or 2.20 KW motors offering 11:1 and 15:1 compression ratio (1.4 KW and 2.20 KW respectively). As with all starters PROFORM produces, these new Staggered Mount Starters are 100% NEW, not rebuilt, for maximum longevity and optimum performance. After assembly, each starter is individually tested at the factory so enthusiasts need not use their vehicle as a testing lab.

  • 11:1 and 15:1 compression ratio models (1.4 KW and 2.20 KW respectively)
  • Offset design for more clearance between the block and the starter
  • Ability to be rotated for additional chassis clearance
  • High-output motor spins the engine over faster than stock starters
  • Delivers 40-50% more cranking power
  • 3.75-to-1 sealed gear-reduction drive
  • Fits both straight and staggered bolt patterns
  • Full ball bearing construction
  • PN 66266 Chevy 12V 1.4 KW motor, Staggered Mount
  • PN 66267 Chevy 12V 2.20 KW motor, Staggered Mount