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HEI Distributor Tune Up Kit (141-796)Monday, March 27, 2017

Why replace your entire HEI distributor if your timing’s set just right, and your gears are good to go? The answer is, you don’t. Just replace the parts that actually wear out with new parts, and your distributor will run like new, or better than new. This kit includes the same genuine parts used in the GM crate engine distributors supplied directly to GM, with the exception of the vacuum advance, because this one’s adjustable!

Inspecting the inside of your distributor periodically isn’t a bad idea, especially since excess voltage can burn a hole in your rotor when looking to ground through the weight and cam assembly that’s being protected by the rotor. It’s a messy place inside an HEI cap, so keeping it tidy will prevent unexpected down time, which always happens at the worst time.

The kit includes the following remove and replace parts:

  • Premium, hi-dielectric cap with brass terminals for best conductivity
  • Superior “no arc” rotor to reduce crossfire
  • 50,000-volt HEI coil (stock coils are only 35k)
  • High-performance control module
  • Wire harness & capacitor
  • Adjustable vacuum advance canister
  • Coil dust cover and hardware