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Chrysler Distributor Bushing Installer & ReamerThursday, April 13, 2017

PROFORM’s Chrysler Bushing Install Tool makes installing the lower distributor drive shaft bushing into the engine block and subsequent reaming a snap. Because the bushing is soft, and will distort when driven in, a special tool is required for proper installation. This tool fits inside the shaft diameter part of the bushing, so it will not distort when pounding the bushing in.

Simply pound the end of the tool to install the bushing, and spin the nut to remove the tool and provide a clean ream upon exit. Thus, preparing the bushing for proper clearance prior to distributor installation. Otherwise, the shaft will not go in as the hole will be too small for it. The distributor shaft should go in, and turn freely, but not be too loose. If it's too tight, repeat the reaming process with tool until proper fit.

For use on Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth Small and Big Block V8 Engines; Made from high quality steel.