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7000 lb. Slim Wireless Vehicle Scale - PN 67644Monday, April 23, 2018

The PROFORM® 7,000 lb. Slim Wireless Vehicle Weighing System (P/N 67644) is our third generation vehicle scale. Each die-cast aluminum, black powder coated pad is 15" x 15" with an individual capacity of 1,750 lbs. and a total system capacity of 7,000 lbs. Slim pad design (1 5/16" thick) with drive-up angles allow for easy setup. Four bottom load cells measure cross weight, side/side weight, and front/rear weight in addition to the standard weight and percentage for each wheel and total vehicle weight. Data is feed, real time, to a backlit LCD screen control box. This box can also feed, via USB cable (included), to a PC computer with a free downloadable program for viewing and file exporting. Control Box, foam lined hard case with wheels and telescoping handle for storage and batteries are all included. Scale is accurate to of 1%.