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Don't Wait! Look Cool, Stay Cool with Proform Parts Now

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The 1-2-3 series or radiators are designed as a universal drop-in. The ProForm 1-2-3 kit also includes all the various relays, connectors and plugs to control the provided fan with clearly printed instructions as well! The radiator is also fitted with a steam port. An important feature for vehicles with LS V8 motors. Under the hood, the radiator is a snug fit, but there’s enough space for it all to work. And, being an all-in-one solution there’s no reason for you to fuss with it. If you want to drive cool then don't wait! Get it now! Look cool and stay cool with Proform! Read More...


The 14 PROFORM Tool Must-Haves for Engine Building (PART 1)

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Building an engine from scratch is a complex and demanding task. To ensure your build is successful, you need professional-grade tools. Fortunately, ProForm has a wide selection of engine building options so you can craft an engine that meets your specifications. From honing kits and micrometers to cam position kits and blue-printed valve springs, here are the essential ProForm tools for engine building. Read More...


Knock 10 lbs off your Mopar Big Block!


Sprung weight, the portion of a car’s mass that rides on the suspension, is a huge factor in any vehicle’s overall performance because it affects everything from acceleration to traction to fuel efficiency. The less heft an engine has to haul around, the better off you, your suspension, and your drivetrain will be. Read More...


Installing a Lightweight Mopar Starter


Few things are as recognizable as the sound of a vintage Chrysler starter. Those gear reduction units are music to many Mopar-lovers’ ears and known for their signature cranking tones. Unfortunately, they’re also known for their bulk and heft. Luckily, Mopar High-Torque mini starters cures all those issues while shaving a few pounds. Read More...