PROFORM Alternators- Quality is Standard


You shouldn't need to pay a premium for a part to work as it should. This is known as quality, it's a minimum requirement. With PROFORM Alternators, quality is just standard-an everyday occurrence. All our electric water pumps are made with 100% NEW components, not re-man or refurbished parts like some of the others.

Upgrading your alternator is one of the easiest tasks relative to other performance upgrades. A great bang-for-your-buck, it can be done in the driveway without specialized tools. And by choosing a 1-wire hook-up, you will minimize the amount of excess wiring under the hood, keeping it clean!  We don't use re-man or refurbished components like many others, so you can be sure you get a quality part, out of the box.

For The Street
With the increased power demands of today’s Hot Rod, such as electric fuel pumps, A/C, power windows and even underbodies, the need to upgrade over stock or stock replacement alternators is a must.  If you are looking to make your bay pop a little more go with a chromed out version, for the murdered-out look, go Black Crinkle.

For The Strip

Waiting for your turn to light it up means plenty of low idle! Don't be dead at the starting line before you even get a chance to do a burnout. Even if you don't need a ton of amperage (but if you do we got you covered), we have the Mini-Alts, offering 50 AMPS in a 96 mm diameter housing weighing in at just 6 lbs.

Alternator Features:

  • 100% NEW, Not Re-man or Rebuilt
  • 50 - 160 AMP Models
  • 10si and CS130 Case Styles
  • Chrome, Satin and Black Crinkle Finishes
  • Internal Regulator Type
  • 12 Volt
  • Easy to Install 1-Wire Hook-up
  • V-Belt Pully
  • External Fan Style (except Mini Alts)