PROFORM Alternators


You shouldn't need to pay a premium for a part to work as it should. PROFORM Alternators are made with 100% NEW components, not re-man or refurbished parts like some of the others. quality is standard.  See the full line below and click on the picture to learn more:

Upgrading your alternator is one of the easiest tasks relative to other performance upgrades. A great bang-for-your-buck, it can be done in the driveway without specialized tools. And by choosing a 1-wire hook-up, you will minimize the amount of excess wiring under the hood, keeping it clean!  We don't use re-man or refurbished components like many others, so you can be sure you get a quality part, out of the box.

Alternator Features:

  • 100% NEW, Not Re-man or Rebuilt
  • 50 - 160 AMP Models
  • 10si and CS130 Case Styles
  • Chrome, Satin and Black Crinkle Finishes
  • Internal Regulator Type
  • 12 Volt
  • Easy to Install 1-Wire Hook-up
  • V-Belt Pully
  • External Fan Style (except Mini Alts)