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Digital Scale, Roll Off, 
CHMS Combo

Tallboy, Standard, & Custom Roll Off's Available
Combo Sold Exclusively By Creative Racing.
  • Ultimate Race Car Set-up Package!
  • Combo Includes Scale, Roll Offs, & CHMS
  • Bluetooth integration with Creative Racing CHMS App
  • CHMS = Chassis Height Measuring System
  • CHMS Measuring Range: 1.750” – 24.000”
  • Scale System Capacity: 7000 lbs
  • Durable & Lightweight Aluminum Roll Offs for all scale pad heights
  • Android App: Pre-loaded on tablet for easy access and use
PART# Scale-CHMS-Combo
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The best racing tools just got better.

The all-new Creative Racing App pairs seamlessly with PROFORM® scale systems. Bundled chassis set up packages are the best value on an integrated wireless Bluetooth system to measure ride heights, take scale weights, and input track set up notes. Receive special pricing now on select Creative Racing packaged products.

PROFORM® Standard Roll Off Package / Value $3099 / Now $2800

PROFORM® Tall Boy Roll Off Package / Value $3699 / Now $3400

PROFORM® Custom Roll Off Package / Price Estimate on Request

These combo kits are sold exclusively through Combo Sold Exclusively By Creative Racing.