Chrysler Adjustable 
Pinion Snubber; 8-3/4 Inch

Black Finish; Made from High-Quality Steel
Extension Range: 5" to 7"
  • For Chrysler 8-3/4 in. Rear Ends
  • Adjustable Pin Type
  • Made from High-Quality Steel
  • Patented and Sold each
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
  • Sold Individually
PART# 68082
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Get better traction, and prevent bottoming out, with this adjustable pinion snubber for Chrysler 8-3/4 inch rear ends. When under heavy load (acceleration) the rear springs will compress, and the axle can rotate. A pinion snubber at the track will help optimize your launch at the track, and reduce wheel hop on the street. Made from high-quality steel.

  • High Quality Construction
  • This stainless steel tool makes installing pistons easy.
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