Micrometer; 0 to 3 Inch Range; .0001 Increments; Carrying Case Included | #67436

Micrometer Tool Set 

4" - 3"/.0001"
  • Measures 0 to 3-in. Range in .0001 Increments
  • Made from High-Quality Steel with a Natural Finish
  • Micrometer Tip Material Is Caron Steel
  • Plastic Carrying Case Included
  • Sold Individually
PART# 67436
Dealer Locator Discontinued

Discontinued. PROFORM heavy-duty micrometer sets for all the popular applications and finally affordable for the weekend racer. PROFORM micrometers feature quick-lock levers, ratchet stops, carbide measuring tips, calibration accessories, adjuster wrenches, and each PROFORM micrometer comes in a handy and durable carrying case.