Telescoping Gauge Set; Six Piece Set; 5/16in. to 6in. Range; With Carrying Case | #67412

6 pc Telescoping Gauge Set 

5/16" to 6" range
  • Six Piece Set
  • 5/16-in. to 6-in. Diameter Range
  • Made from High-Quality Steel
  • Includes Blue Vinyl Carrying Case
  • Sold as One Set of 6 Pieces
PART# 67412
Dealer Locator Discontinued

Discontinued. Quickly measure everything from diameter, to grooves, to hard-to-reach recesses with the PROFORM Telescoping Gauge Set. Simply insert the gauge (six sizes to choose from ) into the area and turn the knob. The spring-fed arms will snap to outer edges. Now, tighten the knob to lock the inside measurement. Comes with six gauges ranging from 5/16" to 6" and a durable carrying case.