Height Micrometer; Tall Model for Beehive Valve Springs | #67390

Spring Height Micrometer 

Tall Model for Beehive Valve Springs
Range: 1.600" to 2.100"
  • Tall Model for Beehive Valve Springs
  • Tool Helps Conveniently and Accurately Measure Installed Valve Springs
  • Install The Tool On The Head Instead Of The Spring and Rotate Dial To Seat The Valve, Locks and Retainer
  • Each
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
PART# 67390
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Original PROFORM quality with reliable accuracy unlike the cheap alternatives. Measure installed valve spring height conveniently and accurately. Simply install the height micrometer instead of a valve spring, and then rotate the clearly engraved dial to expand the tool to seat the valve, locks and retainer. Fits most V8 engines with beehive springs.

  • Range: 1.600" to 2.100".