Engine Carburetor Rebuild Kit; Holley 450-780 CFM Vacuum Secondary Carburetors | #67221

Rebuild & Repair Kit for 
550-780 CFM Carburetors

For Carburetors w/ Vacuum Secondary
Also fits Holley® & Quick Fuel®
  • Fits PROFORM/Holley®/QFT® 550-780 CFM Vacuum Secondary Carburetors
  • Includes Needle & Seats; Accelerator Pump Diaphragms; & Nylon Inlet Nut and Bowl Screw Gaskets
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
  • Made in the U.S.A.
PART# 67221
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If you don't have hours to spend accumulating all these small parts, then PROFORM's performance rebuild kit is the perfect solution. The kit includes two size 110 machined needle and seat assemblies, needle and seat adjustment screws and nuts, an accelerator pump diaphragm, size 6.5 power valve, vacuum diaphragm, two idle adjustment screws, five non-stick precision die-cut gaskets for meter blocks, six non-stick precision die-cut gaskets for the main body/throttle body connection, one non-stick precision die-cut gasket for the throttle body/manifold seal, assorted rubber, metal and nylon seals, teflon throttle shaft ribbons, and other miscellaneous items necessary for a successful rebuild. Can be used with any racing gasoline.

  • Saves time! Tons of small hard to find items all in one kit.
Warning for part number #67221:
  • This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.