Engine Carburetor Main Body; Fits Holley/PROFORM/QFT 750 CFM; Alcohol/E85 | #67216

Carburetor Main Body 
E85 / Alcohol 750 CFM

Adjust. Air Bleeds & Down-Leg Boosters; Natural Finish
Fits Holley®/QFT®/PROFORM® 4150 Models
  • Turn a Gas Carb into an E85/Alcohol Carb
  • Features Adjustable Air Bleeds and Hi-Performance Down-Leg Boosters
  • Comes with Gaskets
  • Natural Aluminum Finish
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
  • Sold Individually
PART# 67216
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Newly Designed Next Gen Carburetor Main Body! Totally optimized to make what was already good...GREAT! Turn a gas carburetor into an Alcohol or E85 carb with direct replacement components in less than 30 minutes! Easy swap-in, swap-out installation utilizing existing metering blocks if already calibrated, fuel bowls, and baseplate. Involves only 14 screws. Has adjustable screw-in air bleeds, high-performance down-leg boosters. Get maximum air flow with no air horn, choke tower, or choke control. Comes with all necessary non-stick replacement gaskets. PROFORM is a registered trademark of Specialty Auto Parts USA, Inc. Holley and Double Pumper are registered trademarks of Holley Performance Products, Inc. This product is supplied by Specialty Auto Parts USA, Inc. and it is not endorsed by any other carburetor manufacturer.

We recommend #148 Alky Primary/Secondary Jets, and 150 Stainless Needle/Seat

  • Use this main body if you're looking to turn build an Alcohol or E85 carburetor, or convert a gas carburetor
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Warning for part number #67216:
  • This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.