RPM Shift Light; Tachometer; Wireless; LED; Digital; 3-Wire Hookup Transmitter | #67006C

Wireless Digital Mini 
RPM Shift Light

Black; 100 to 12,000 RPM Ranges; 1-12 cylinder range
Detachable Mount; 3/4" Diameter; 4" L x 1" H
  • Stand Alone
  • 100 to 12,000 RPM Range
  • 100 RPM Increments
  • 1-12 cylinder range
  • Tachometer Display
  • 3 LED Bulb Light
  • Detachable Mount
  • 4-in. Long X 1-in. Tall
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
  • Sold Individually
PART# 67006C
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Easy to set digital shift light will help you leave your competitor eating exhaust at the track! Proform's new Wireless Mini Digital Shift Light and Diagnostic Tachometer can be easily installed in vehicles with 1-12 cylinders. Measuring at only 4 1/4" long, this 3 LED light will give you the signal when it's time to shift! All settings are easily controlled with two buttons. Features include a 100-12,000 RPM range in 100 RPM increments, Cylinder range of 1 thru 12, Adjustable brightness for the digital display, and a display on/off feature when in use. WAIT THERE'S MORE! When you're in the garage tuning your ride, you can easily detach the shift light from its mount and hold it in your hand while you're working under the hood...think portable tachometer! Imagine that...no more yelling into the house to get somebody to tell you when you're at 3000 RPM's. Simple, Innovative, Affordable...that's PROFORM!

Note: most late model applications without distributors will need a tach adapter. AutoMeter #9117 is recommended.

  • Wireless
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