Rocker Arm Stud Girdles; Aluminum; For BB Ford 429-460; 7/16 Stud; Sold as Pairs | #66982

Ford Big Block 
Stud Girdles

(Discontinued) 7/16" Stud
Fits 429-460 V8 Engines
  • Clamp-On Style
  • Made from High-Quality Billet Aluminum
  • Fits 429-460 BB Ford Engines
  • 7/16" Stud
  • Iron and Aluminum Cobra Jet Heads
  • Poly Locks Included
  • Purple Anodized Finish
PART# 66982
Dealer Locator Discontinued

(Discontinued) Stud Girdles reduce flex and part breakage. Increased valvetrain rigidity helps minimize energy loss. Each set comes with aluminum stabilizers and poly locks. Two pieces per set.

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