Engine Oil Pan Drain Plug; 'No-Mess' Model; 12-20 Thread; Sold Each | #66960

PROFORM® Patented No-Mess™ 
Oil Pan Drain Plug

Gold Iridate Finish; 12"-20 Thread
Unique, patented, rubber extension seals when changing engine oil.
  • Universal 'No-Mess' Model
  • 12-20 Size Thread
  • Gold Iridite Finish
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
  • Sold Individually
PART# 66960
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This engine oil pan drain plug is a No-Mess model. Features a 12-20 size thread and has a gold iridite finish. The No-Mess engine oil drain plug has a unique, patented, rubber extension which acts as a sealing 'cork' when changing engine oil. as the drain plug is unscrewed and loosened, the cork seals the threaded drain hole, reducing mess and contact with hot oil. a firm tug releases the oil when desired. This drain plug minimizes the chance of a plug being dropped. U.S. Patent 5,547,042. Sold individually. Backed by a limited 30 day factory warranty.

  • Patented "No-Mess" design.