Pontiac 301-455 
Chrome Dress-Up Kit

Rich Chrome Plated Steel; Pontiac Engine Kit
Pontiac 301-455 V8 Engines 1963-1981
  • Chrome without Logos
  • Made from High-Quality Steel
  • Fits Pontiac 301-455 Engines
  • Includes Short Baffled Valve Covers, Oil Dipstick, 1 Rectangular Push-In Breather, 2 Grommets (1 PCV), 8 Wing Nuts, 8 V/Cover Washers
  • Sold as One Kit
  • Sold as One Kit
PART# 66865
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PROFORM Dress-Up Kits contain factory-style oil restricting baffles in the valve covers. All steel components are richly chrome plated. This Pontiac engine kit contains: two stock-height valve covers w/ baffle, a single rubber grommet for pcv, rectangular style air breather w/ grommet, one dipstick w/ tube, eight deluxe wing bolts w/ studs and hold-down washers.

Warning for part number #66865:
  • Product is legal only for off-highway use (except in CA or states that have adopted CA emission standards), racing use or for use on pre-emission-controlled motor vehicle/engines (pre-1966 domestic vehicles certified to federal standards and all pre-1968 foreign vehicles), per manufacturer's application guide.
Proposition 65 (PBB / BBP):
  • Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP)d
  • Polybrominated biphenyls
  • 2 Valve Covers, Stock-Height with Baffle
  • 1 Rubber Grommet for PCV, 1 Rubber Grommet for Air Breather
  • 1 Dipstick with Tube, 1 Rectangular Air Breather 8 Deluxe Wing Bolts w/ Studs, 8 Hold-Down Washers
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