Chrysler Cam Checker Tool 
w/ Dial Indicator

For Chrysler 273-440; Hemi Engines
Includes .904 in. and 1.00 in. Diameter Followers
  • Fits Chrysler 273-440; Hemi Engines
  • 0 to 1.000 Range in 0.001 Increments
  • O-Ring Secured Bore Mounting
  • Inc. Hydraulic Tappet & Roller Tappet Followers (.904-in. & 1.00-in. Diameter)
  • 1-inch Stud Length
  • Sold as One Kit
PART# 66843
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This lobe indicator tool measures lobe lift and base circle runout by sliding down into the lifter bore, being firmly held in place with heavy-duty O-rings on both ends, and sits atop the camshaft for measurement via dial indicator. 0-1.000" included dial indicator (sold separately as p/n 66962), reads in 0.001" increments. Includes two followers: one for flat tappet and one for roller cams.

  • With O-rings on each end to assure securing positioning, this unit slides down into the lifter bore and sits atop the camshaft for accurate measurement of lobe lift and base circle runout.