Cam Bearing Driver Kit; Universal; 1.25 Inch to 2.69 Inch Range; Case Included | #66820

Universal Cam Bearing Driver Kit 

Range: 1.25" to 2.69" (28.58mm to 68.30mm)
Case Included
  • Universal Model
  • Features a 1.25-in. to 2.69-in. Range
  • Kit Includes Driving Shaft, Driving Shaft Extension, Expander Unit, Five (5) Split Driving Plugs, Collars, Centering Cone and Carrying Case.
PART# 66820
Dealer Locator Discontinued

Discontinued. Drive camshaft bearings easily with one complete, universal kit. Now you can remove or insert camshaft bearings in nearly all engines from sport compacts and muscle cars to heavy-duty trucks. The expander arm has a neoprene sleeve with the split driving plugs mounted and expanded to size. Kit comes with two sets of rubber sleeves for each expanding driver. Use the brown sleeves for thin wall bearings and the black sleeves for thick wall bearings. Range 1.25" to 2.69" (28.58-68.3mm). Includes: Driving shaft, driving shaft extension, expander unit, five (5) split driving plugs, two driving collars, centering cone and handy carrying case.