Stamped Steel Air Cleaner 
w/ Center Wing Nut

Chrome; Standard Model; No Logos; 9" Dia.
  • Center Nut Style Air Cleaner
  • Chrome Finish
  • 9-inch Diameter
  • Fits 5-1/8 -inch & 4-7/32 -inch Carb Necks
  • Made from Stamped Steel
PART# 66815
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Standard Full-Flo style air cleaner kit, 9-inch, air cleaner, fits 5-1/8 -inch carburator necks. Included are plated studs, wing nut, PCV attachment for use on pollution controlled vehicles, 2 -inch paper filter with instructions.

  • Fits 5-1/8" Carb Necks.
Attribute Value
Warning for part number #66815:
  • Product is legal only for off-highway use (except in CA or states that have adopted CA emission standards), racing use or for use on pre-emission-controlled motor vehicle/engines (pre-1966 domestic vehicles certified to federal standards and all pre-1968 foreign vehicles), per manufacturer's application guide.