Connecting Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge Tool; For Bolts Up To 2.75in: 0.001 Indicator | #66788

Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge 

0.001 Dial Indicator
Blue Anodized Aluminum
  • Universal Model for Rod Bolts Up To 2.75-in. Long: Comes with Dial Indicator That Reads in 0.001 Increments
  • Made from High-Quality Steel and Features a Blue Finish
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
PART# 66788
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0.001 Dial indicator. Check rod bolts the proper way, because sometimes torque readings may vary. Using the stretch factors supplied by rod bolt manufacturers, this stretch gauge offers a highly accurate way to measure torque pre-load. with a special, high-tension spring, this gauge remains conveniently positioned on the bolt during tightening, with adjustability for bolts up to 2.75" long. Simply position the stretch gauge over the length of the rod bolt before applying torque, take a reading, and record it. Then torque down to the proper torque setting, and take another reading with the stretch gauge. Calculate the difference and check the manufacturer's specification.

  • 0.001 Dial indicator.