Universal Camshaft Degree Wheel Kit 

9" Wheel w/ Dial Indicator, 2 Check Springs
14mm TDC Locator, Wire Pointer, & Carrying Case
  • Universal Model
  • 9-in. Wheel with Dial Indicator
  • Made from High-Quality Steel
  • Kit Features Dial Indicator Mount, 2 Check Springs, Clamp Kit, 14mm TDC Locator and Wire Pointer
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Carrying Case Included
PART# 66787
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For use with heads on engine. This kit contains all the tools needed to degree cams in the most popular engines, assuring proper cam timing and lobe lift. Features deluxe components including 9" degree wheel, dial indicator, dial indicator mount, 2 valve check springs, clamp kit, 14mm top dead center locator, wire degree wheel pointer, detailed instructions, and a durable foam padded carrying case.

  • For use with heads on engine.