Engine Piston Ring Filer; Electronic Model; 6V; Includes Two 120 Grit Wheels | #66765

Electric Piston Ring Filer 

Rechargeable Model; Includes 6V rechargeable battery
120 Grit Grinding Wheel
  • Electronic Rechargeable Model
  • Includes 6V rechargeable battery
  • Comes with Two 120 Grit Grinding Wheels
  • Made from Aluminum and Has a Red Anodized Finish
  • Uses Proform Part #66762 Replacement Grinding Wheels
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
PART# 66765
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This is the easy way to grind piston rings quickly and accurately. Simply take your ring, secure it to the smooth-motion fixture, set the micrometer, and start grinding. Always better to grind less than more until you're comfortable with how the grinder works. Powered by a 6 volt, rechargeable battery. Offers maximum speed and affordability. Comes with two (2) 120-grit grinding wheels (p/n 66762) and battery charging cord. Portable or can be bench mounted.

If you'd like a replacement rechargeable battery for your ring filer, please search part number 91-BAT at Summit Racing or JEGS.

  • Accurately set end gap with PROFORM's powerful electric ring filing tool.

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