Collector Bolts

Black Oxide Finish; 3/8"-16 Thread Diameter, 1" Long
Fits Select 6 Bolt, 3/8" Diameter, Applications
  • Grade 8 (12.9) Steel
  • Hex Head Type
  • 1-inch Length
  • Sold as One Set Of 6 Pieces
PART# 66757
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Each PROFORM Grade 8 Collector Bolt and Nut combo is permanently assembled with two pairs special locking washers. When the combo is tightened, the washers super-hardened external teeth bite into and grip the bottom of the bolt head and the top surface of the flange. After being self-locked in this manner, any bolt-loosening rotation is blocked by a wedge-locking action created by the washers interfacing, matching cams. Its an uphill climb: vibration that might ordinarily loosen the bolt actually increases the wedge-locking tension, securing the bolt even more. Because this simple wedge-locking method uses tension instead of friction, contact with oil actually facilitates the wedge effect. PROFORM Collector Bolts can be untightened with a normal wrench, lubricated, and reused.

  • Wedge-Locking Technology
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