Valve Cover Hold Downs 
1-Piece w/ Wire Looms

Fits Chevy Small Block Gen I Engines; Red Finish
  • 1-Piece Hold Downs w/ Wire Loom
  • Red Finish
  • Made from High-Quality Steel
  • Fits Small Block Chevy Gen I Engines
  • Helps Eliminate and Prevent Oil Leaks
PART# 66292RC
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Discontinued. Fits Chevrolet small block stamped valve covers. Easily dropped into position, these revolutionary one-piece holddowns are fast to install, eliminating fumbling with four separate flange reinforcement clamps. By applying additional downward pressure nearer to the valve cover ends, this popular invention minimizes the possibility of oil leakage. Sold in pairs. U.S. Patent No. 4,821,699. Same as 66291 hold-downs, but with the added advantage of attached linear wire-looms for even more efficient installation.

  • Fits Chevrolet small block stamped valve covers.
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