Chevrolet Starter 
2.2KW; 15:1 Ratio

168 Tooth Staggered Mount
Fits Chevy Small & Big Block V8 Engines, V6 Engines
  • Gear Reduction Type
  • 2.2KW
  • Fits All Chevy Staggered Mount V8 Engines with 168 Tooth Flywheels
  • Billet Aluminum Mount
  • for 15:1 Compression Ratio Engines
  • Black and Silver Finish
  • 100% New Components; Not Re-man or Refurbished
  • Billet Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • Sold Individually
PART# 66267
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The High-torque, gear-reduction design, Staggered Mount Chevrolet Starter has a 12V, 2.2KW motor and a torque ratio of 15:1. This PROFORM Starter is 100% NEW, not rebuilt with remanufactured parts! Offset design results in more clearance between the oil pan and the starter, and can be rotated for additional chassis clearance. Staggered or Straight mount capable. The high-torque, high-output motor spins the engine over faster than stock starters, delivering 40-50% more cranking power. 3.75-to-1 sealed gear-reduction drive and full ball bearing construction. Includes shims to set pinion-gear engagement (when necessary). Fits Chevy Small Block and Big Block V8 Engines, as well as most V6 Engines.

  • Billet Staggered and Straight Mounting Plate
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