Electric Radiator Fan; High Perf. Model w/Bowtie Logo and Thermo; 15 In; 2800CFM | #141-647

Bowtie High Performance 
15" Electric Fan

Straight Blade; 2800 CFM; w/ Adjustable Thermostat
Universal; Mounting Kit, Hardware, and Wiring Included
  • Ultra-thin design to fit cramped locations.
  • Reinforced Glass-Filled Polypropylene Blade & High-Quality Plastic Housing
  • Universal Design
  • 2,800 CFM; 2000 Motor RPM; 14 AMP Draw
  • Features Red Bowtie Emblem
  • 15-in. Diameter; 4-in. Thick 160F-240F Thermostat Range
  • Prevent Overheating In Stop-and-Go Traffic
  • Redesigned Shroud Increases Cooling Performance vs. OE-Style
  • 100% New Components; Not Re-man or Refurbished
  • Nylon Tie Mounting Kit Included
  • Officially Licensed Chevrolet Performance Parts Product
  • Sold as One Unit
PART# 141-647
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Coming this October! Here's a fan/shroud kit that has a red Bowtie Emblem right on the top. Your stock fan robs your engine of up to 15 or more horsepower! Replace it with a rugged, universal-fit fan equipped with an adjustable 160-240 degree F thermostat. Bolts to your radiator supports using sturdy brackets. with a heavy-duty motor, highly angled blades, and 15 diameter, this unit pulls up to 2,800 cfm of air, cooling vehicles with up to 250+ HP (without air) and 220+ HP (with air). Overall: 18 x 16-1/8 x 4-1/4. Amp draw, 14 amps.

  • Your stock fan robs your engine of up to 15 or more horsepower!
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