1-2-3 Series Aluminum 
Stage 2 Dual Fan Bracket

Fits 126G000, 126L000 & 126F000 Radiators
  • All Aluminum Dual Fan Bracket
  • Integrates with 26" Core Stage 1 Radiators
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Compatible with Stage 3 Electric Fans #67012 & 67013
PART# 1262B00
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This Easy 1-2-3 aluminum Stage 2 dual fan bracket integrates perfectly with your Stage 1 Radiator with 26" wide core. Simply bolt the four corners to the threaded holes in the radiator, and now you've got a nice clean looking radiator system that utilizes the Four-Corner design. The bracket also includes pre-threaded holes for PROFORM electric fans, and mounting hardware to attach the bracket to the radiator. Please Note: This bracket is not compatible with other radiators, because it is designed to integrate directly to PROFORM Stage 1 Radiators. PROFORM Stage 3 Fans will mount directly to the pre-threaded holes, but you can make your own holes and mount any brand fan if that is your preference.

  • Fits perfectly with 1-2-3 Series Radiators
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Pre-threaded holes for PROFORM 12" universal electric fans, part numbers 67012 & 67013
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