1-2-3 Stage 1 Radiator 
Universal Series

Inlet on Passenger Side, Outlet on Driver Side
23" Core; Single Pass; Manual Transmission
  • All Aluminum Radiator
  • Shroud-Ready with Four Corner Design
  • Compatible with Stage 2 Shroud #1231S00
  • Compatible with Stage 3 Electric Fans #67016 & 67027
  • Compatible with Stage 3 Fan Controllers #69598 & 69595
  • Thread-in Thermostat Ready (3/8" NPT)
  • Beautifully Welded Tanks
  • Billet Aluminum Filler Neck
  • Billet Aluminum Radiator Cap Included
  • High-Capacity Overflow Tube
PART# 123F000
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PROFORM s new modular 1-2-3 Series Radiators and Accessories fit together just like they should, nice and easy! Start with this 23 wide core Stage 1 Radiator, part no. 123F000 as the foundation for your cooling system. These aren t just your ordinary single pass radiators, they offer beautifully tig-welded tanks, and a slick profile thanks to PROFORM s unique Four-Corner Design. The Four-Corner Design makes it easy to attach the exact fit Stage 2 Fan Shroud, part no. 1231S00, because the mounting holes line up, making installation a breeze with the included hardware. For the ultimate professional look at DIY costs, take the 1-2-3 Series Stage 3 fan, part no. 67016 or 67027, and mount it up to the pre-threaded holes in the shroud; then top it off with a fan controller to make life easy. It s easy as 1-2-3! This is a really nice cooling system that's ready for the show, streets, or strip! This Stage 1 Radiator has dual one-inch tubes, single pass, with optimized louver design to maximize cooling, and deep draw headers for an extra solid tube/header seal. Billet aluminum filler neck with overflow tube, and a billet aluminum 16 psi cap are included. No epoxy or anything else like that just tight tolerances all around. Building your custom cooling system is easy!

  • Stage 1 All Aluminum Radiator. Optional Shroud and Fans Available
  • Stage 1 All Aluminum Radiator. Optional Shroud and Fans Available
  • Four-Corner Design ready for fan shroud
  • Billet aluminum filler neck with high capacity overflow tube
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